Annons som beskriver pjäsen "What My Eyes Have Seen" när den sattes upp i London år 2000.

'' WHAT MY EYES HAVE SEEN '' - a monologue of memories

based on a book by Magda Eggens about Magda Eggens experiences from Aushwitz and the second world war

Magda does not wake up in the middle of the night as often as she use to. After fifty years in her new home country, every day life has managed to push the memory of the horrific experiences from the holocaust into the hidden corner of her soul. But this night, the people and the memories of the past come crowding in upon her. Imperiously and ruth lessly, both the happy and sad times demand to be remembered.

The play has been touring for five years in Sweden, to high critical.

''Engaging play about the Nazi period''

''Deeply touching...''

''A brilliant achievement''

''A gripping performance''